The Koose Zonal Council, a pivotal arm of the Adentan Municipal Assembly, has revealed its strategic plans for the year 2024. During a recent stakeholders’ engagement, the council outlined key areas of focus aimed at enhancing the welfare and infrastructure within the zone.

First on the agenda is the ambitious project to shape and improve federal roads within the Koose Zonal area. This initiative seeks to address long-standing concerns about road infrastructure and enhance connectivity within the zone. Additionally, the council aims to embark on a property bill distribution program to ensure equitable distribution of municipal bills and taxes, a move expected to bolster revenue collection for development projects.

Security concerns also take center stage in the council’s plans, with a dedicated effort to improve security measures within the zone. This includes collaborating with local law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders to proactively address security challenges and ensure the safety of residents.

Furthermore, the council has earmarked initiatives to enhance essential amenities such as potable water and other facilities crucial for the well-being of residents. This commitment reflects the council’s dedication to improving the living standards and overall quality of life within the Koose Zonal area.

The unveiling of these comprehensive plans underscores the council’s commitment to proactive governance and community development. As the year 2024 approaches, the Koose Zonal Council’s agenda signals a concerted effort to address pressing infrastructure, revenue, and security issues, setting the stage for a transformative year ahead.










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