Disaster Management and Prevention

The Disaster Management and Prevention unit assists the planning and implementation of programmes to prevent and/or mitigate disaster in the MMDAs within the policy framework of national policies.



  1. NADMO assists the Municipal Assembly on enforcing laws to prevent and mitigate disasters
  2. They set up monitoring and early warning systems to aid the identification of disasters in their formative stages, to disseminate timely information and warning, and hazard / disaster awareness creation.
  3. They assist and motivate the community based organizations within the Assembly to serve as the credible voluntary organizations to assist in the prevention and management of disasters in the Municipal.
  4. They assist in post-emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction effort in the Municipal Assembly
  5. They are in position to provide the first line response in times of disaster
  6. They ensure disaster prevention, risk and vulnerability reduction as a means of reducing the impact of disasters in the Municipal Assembly
  7. They create awareness on disasters through intensive public education
  8. They equip the Municipal Assembly to handle all aspects of disasters.
  9. They raise human capacity and development of staff.
Disaster management