The Adentan Municipal Assembly in accordance with National Public Health Emergency Committee directives carried out disinfection exercise to sanitized key areas in the municipality as part of the efforts to combat COVID 19 Pandemic.

Areas targeted were the Adentan SSNIT shopping mall market, the Ogbojo market, all lorry terminal within the municipality, and other key areas such as the Ogbojo Polyclinic and health Centers and all Police Stations and other key facilities within the municipality.

The exercise was led by Adentan Municipal Assembly in collaboration with Security Agencies like the Adentan Police service, Ghana Military service, NADMO, Ghana Fire Service, Ghana Immigration Service and supported by Environmental Health Providers such as Ghana Health Service, Adentan Environmental Health Department, National Emergency Assistant, and the Ghana Ambulance among others.

The Municipal Chief Executive Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah advised market women and residents who had their shops open to close them and stay home to stay safe since the chemical for the disinfection is very abusive and can cause harm to their health. He further educated them on safety precautions of protecting themselves against the virus and why the disinfection exercise is important.

The National Disinfectant exercises aimed to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Adentan Municipal disinfects its environs as measures to reduce the spread of the virus within the Municipality.




AdMA Sanitizes Delicate Territories Inside The Region.

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