Mrs Rosemond Adjaoda, the Director of Agricultural Department of the Adentan Municipal Assembly announced that crop yields in the municipality have increased this year.

She attributed this increase to the rise in extension officers to farmers ratio. The department currently employs 18 officers of which six are extension agents and five national service personnel who assist in reaching out to farmers with new technologies and best farming practices.

Mrs Adjaoda also acknowledged that the favorable weather conditions during both major and minor seasons have contributed to the increase in crop yields they have experienced this year.

“Our department now has 18 staff members, with six of them being Agric extension Agents. This has resulted in a higher ratio of extension officers to farmers. Additionally, five National service personnel have been posted to the department to facilitate extension service delivery. A total of 2718 Agric value chain actors, being it farmers, fishers, processors, crop and livestock dealers, and abrogators were reached with improved technologies and good agricultural practices.”

Mrs Adjaoda shared these insights during her welcome address at the 39th Farmers’ Day celebration organized by the Adentan Municipal Assembly spearheaded by the Agric Department.  The event took place on Friday, December 1, 2023, at Amanfro in the Koose Electoral Area.

National Farmers’ Day in Ghana is celebrated annually on the first Fridays of December to recognizes and appreciates the commendable efforts of the hardworking farmers, who play a crucial role in the economy by ensuring a constant food supply.

The Agric Director further emphasized the importance of adopting smart farming practices to maximize productivity and ensure food security in a world where it is a challenge. Mrs Adjaoda encouraged residents to consider starting backyard farming as one of the smart solutions for sustainable food security and resilience.


SOURCE: Divine Mensah Vadze/NSP/CSU









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