The Adentan Municipal Assembly organized a staff Durbar on the Wednesday 9th November 2022, being the second staff durbar for 2022.Staff Durbar is to be held at least twice in the year for management to interact and address work place issues and staff issues.

The staff durbar sensitized the staffs of the Assembly on Health and Safety in the work place, by- Laws of the Assembly and Health Talk on Breast Cancer.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Adentan Municipal Assembly. Hon.Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, said the Assembly cares for its staff,’’ so everyone needs to relax, breast Cancer awareness is for you, good Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social state’’ he said.

The need for Occupational Health Safety is to enable staff achieve more with reduce risk and accidents at the work place.  At the    Global Level, International Labour Organization, ILO estimated 340 million occupational accidents and must be taken seriously.

The representatives from the Ghana Health Service advice women on the need to regularly check their breast and report any unusual changes to the breast. She added that, early detection save lives and there is hope after breast cancer if reported early, and how to help people when you suspect choking- a sign of breast.

Staffs were taking through how to physically examine the breast and care for them, how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, how to prevent and treat minor accidents at the work place.

The Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Andrew Nii-Apai Aborhey took staffs through the by-laws of the Assembly “We must propagate our own by-laws from the unit Committee levels and the purpose is to ensure sanity also to guide us as an Assembly and to work better.’’ he said.

He added that, ’because we are backed by law, we must not abuse it as staffs, and warned that, there are punitive measures to reprimand us when abused the laws’’.

Finally, he advised all Departments to collaborate with other Departments to reduce duplication of work, which brings productive results for the Municipality.

The Municipal Coordinating Director advised Heads of Departments to be punctual to work and check their subordinates, he lamented on the low turnout of heads of Department being absent from the durbar.





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