The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has organized a forum to sensitize the residents of Ogbojo on their Civic Rights and responsibilities under the Accountability, Rule of law and Anti-Corruption Programme (ARAP).

The NCCE which is an independent body, non-partisan public institution with a presence in every district throughout the country is the direct implementer of ARAP.

In attendance of the meeting were some Heads of Department from the Assembly, The Assembly Member for Ogbojo, and a representative from the NCCE Regional office.

The Adentan Municipal’s NCCE Director Madam Sylvia Bonsu explained to the public that the core mandate of her outfit, is to educate citizens on all government issues and encouraged the participants to be active and to freely voice out grievances within their electoral area in order for them to be addressed.

In the Municipal Environmental Health Officer in his presentation on environmental issues took participants through the need to manage their surroundings to prevent communicable diseases and ensure safe and healthy abode for everyone to live in.

The Municipal Planning Officer Mrs. Rebecca Anan also educated participants on the mandate of the Assembly as a representative of the central government which is to implement projects that would develop communities and the nation as a whole.

In an open forum participants raised concern about the bad nature of their roads which has caused a lot accidents and deaths, and pleaded with the Assembly Member to help address this issue form the level of the Assembly.

Mrs. Gladys Addo Osei, The Assembly Member for Ogbojo stated that the development of the area is paramount therefore she would work diligently to make sure the residents live in a peaceful and conducive environment. A 5 member team from the participants was set up to follow up on developmental projects of Ogbojo to ensure development of Ogbojo electoral area.




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