The preparation of this Medium-Term Zonal Plan for Nii Ashale Zonal area is to further deepen the decentralization process by bringing Governance to the door-steps of the people through involving them in the Planning Process which affects their own lives. The main functions of the Council include the mobilization of revenue, implementation of policies at the local level and also mobilize community to participate in decision making. As part of activities to help the Zonal Council properly plan and implement activities for development, the Zonal Council was assisted to come out with an a four (4) years (2018-2021) Medium Term Development Plan which will guide the implementation of envisioned development projects and programmes in the zonal area. A series of meetings were held with the Zonal Council members and other stakeholders in order to come up with this document. The participants were expected to lead and assist in identifying the problems/ needs, goals and objectives of their Zonal Council and to harmonize these into a Zonal Council plan, hence the making of the this document.This document is made up of Chapters, from Chapter one (1) to Chapter five (5).Chapter one talks about the profile of the area, the problems and suggested solutions in Chapter two (2).Chapter three (3) talks about the goals and strategies, the composite programmes of action in the fourth chapter and the detailed projects and activities for the various years in the last chapter.It is hoped that Stakeholders and development partners will support the efforts of the people of Nii Ashale Zonal Area to bring development to the Zonal area and thereby improve the living conditions of the people of the Zone.

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