AdMA staff undergoes capacity building training on performance appraisal.

In opening remarks by the Municipal Coordinating Director,  Mrs. Rachel Fosuah Sarpong, she inform staff to concentrate and ask questions if they don’t understand any aspect of the training session and thank the  Local Government Service for providing the assembly with such an important Capacity Building Programme.

In a significant development, renowned engineer Mr. Baah Tetteh, Principal Engineer at the Local Government Service, Technical Unit, led the capacity building training on performance appraisal and provided valuable assistance to the staff of Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA). The training session took place on November 24th in the Assembly’s Conference Room, where Engineer Baah shared his expertise on the process and steps involved in conducting performance appraisals.

Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and experience, Engineer Baah offered practical guidance and insights to help AdMA staff navigate the performance appraisal process effectively. The training emphasized providing clear and valuable insights, as well as practical guidance, to ensure a successful and efficient appraisal experience. Engineer Baah also addressed queries and clarified any doubts that the staff had about the performance appraisal process, instilling confidence and equipping them to fulfil their appraisal responsibilities.

This event underscores the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the workplace. Engineer Baah’s contribution to the AdMA team’s understanding of performance appraisals serves as an exemplary illustration of the benefits derived from learning from industry experts to enhance organizational practices.






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