The Adentan Municipal Assembly successfully conducted its third-quarter composite monitoring exercise on October 5th, 2023. The exercise involved various key stakeholders, including the Municipal Chief Executive, Municipal Coordinating Director, Assembly Members, Contractors, Development Planning Unit, the Works Department, Budget Unit, the Internal Audit Unit, and other departments and units of the assembly.

The main objective of the monitoring exercise was to inspect the progress of ongoing physical projects within the municipality and ensure their smooth implementation. The team aimed to assess the work done by contractors, determine if they were adhering to project design and timeline, and identify any issues or challenges faced during the implementation process.

One of the projects monitored was the construction of a single-storey Reproductive Health Centre (Phase I) at Ashale Botwe. The contractor, Jins Company Limited, reported that the project was about 96% complete, with only the septic tank, fittings, and doors remaining. However, the team observed water leakage at the top, causing stains on the ceiling. The Works Department has been contacted for budget allocation for external works and approval to do filling around the building. The project is funded by the District Assemblies Common Fund-Recurrent Formula Grant (DACF-RFG).

In Adjiringanor, the team inspected the construction of a two-storey, six-unit classroom block. The contractor responsible for the project, AB-Ziko Limited, was present on-site. The architect briefed the team on the project, which is funded by the District Assembly Common Fund-Recurrent Formula Grant (DACF-RFG). The first floor was approximately 50% complete, with column works and block works being done. The headmistress suggested the inclusion of a partition in the classrooms to serve as a meeting room, which the architect stated was under consideration.

Lastly, the team visited the Adentan Community School, where the construction of a two-storey, 14-unit classroom block complex with ancillary facilities is taking place. The contractor, Rizcom Investments Limited, was not present on-site, but the artisans briefed the team on the project. The construction began in November, and it is expected to be completed between April and June next year. The project, similar in design to the new Legon AdMA basic school, is funded by both the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) and the District Development Fund (DDF). Currently, the substructure and column works are completed, and the project is about 30% complete. The headmistress also recommended adding a partition in two classrooms for use as a meeting room.

Overall, the monitoring exercise was successful in ensuring the progress and quality of various ongoing projects in the Ashale Botwe Municipality. The assembly, along with the contractors and stakeholders involved, remains committed to completing these projects within the designated timelines and specifications to benefit the local communities.



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