The Adentan Municipal Assembly has achieved an impressive assessment score of 95 out of 97 in a recent comprehensive District Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT)evaluation.

The assessment Conducted by a team of assessors for two days, the evaluation measured the efficiency and effectiveness of various departments within the assembly with a defined indicator.

The assessment process involved scrutinizing departments such as Physical and Spatial Planning Services, Social Welfare Services, and Sanitation, good governance, Human resources and training, transport among others.

The final result of 95 out of 97 reflects the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the entire team. The achievement has been met with applause and words of commendation from the Municipal Chief Executive, Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah. He encouraged the team to continue their pursuit of excellence, aiming for a perfect score next year. The success of the Adentan Municipal Assembly serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through teamwork and a commitment to excellence.



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