The Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) held its first staff durbar of the year on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, at the assembly’s forecourt. The durbar aimed to provide a platform for staff members to voice their opinions on career development and work-related challenges that required attention.

The event started with a roll call led by Mrs. Jemima Apedo, the Co-Ordinating Director of the Adentan Municipal Assembly, who identified absenteeism as a significant issue and advised staff to follow the proper procedures before taking leave. She also emphasized the importance of staff members focusing on their assigned duties and avoiding wasting time during working hours.

Concerns were raised about the tier 3 reduction, and CLOSAG provided responses to address these concerns. The Head of Human Resources (HR) of the assembly addressed conversion, upgrading, and resignation of workers. She clarified that employees must apply through their assembly to the regional coordinating council of their region and the head of the service before undertaking any of these processes. She also mentioned that senior staff members should provide a one-month notice before resigning, while junior staff members should give a similar notice.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. D.A. Nii Noi Adumuah, encouraged staff members to take responsibility for their career development and advised them to seek help from the Human Resource Office of the assembly to promote themselves. He also stated that completing a degree does not necessarily guarantee a promotion and urged staff to give their best, referring them to the necessary criteria and laid down procedures for the promotion of staff in local governments.

The meeting highlighted the importance of adhering to proper procedures, taking personal responsibility for career growth, and bringing concerns to management’s attention. Staff members also raised concerns about the inappropriate furniture in some offices and appealed for management’s support in addressing the issue during the open forum section of the durbar.

The Adentan Municipal Assembly’s staff durbar provided a platform for employees to discuss and seek clarity on issues related to their career development. By empowering staff through career development, the assembly seeks to improve productivity and service delivery in the community.



Adentan Municipal Assembly Empowers Staff Through Career Development Staff Durbar

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