Exciting news for the Ashaley Botwe community in Adentan, as a new health facility has been announced! The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, alongside key stakeholders, recently cut the sod for the construction of a two-story block clinic that will offer various healthcare services to the community.

This state-of-the-art clinic will feature a consultation room, labor wards, offices, and a dispensary to issue drugs. Additionally, it will serve as a center for educating new parents on child care and immunization, as well as a place for providing first aid to the sick. The clinic will serve two critical purposes, according to Honorable Adumuah. The first is to provide excellent healthcare to the community, while the second is to improve the image of Adentan by demonstrating that the municipality has high-quality medical centers.
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Honorable Adumuah went on to say that the new reproductive health center will be a great asset to the community. He explained that when officials from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) visit, they assess the number of children who are born and living in the area. Therefore, the clinic will significantly contribute to the improvement of maternal healthcare in Adentan.

Chief of Ashaley Botwe, Hon. Nii Afutu Kotey Gbomosane II, expressed his delight at the new facility. He revealed that the decision to build the clinic was made after a meeting with the principal elders of the town, who agreed to provide land for the project. Furthermore, the Assembly Member for Nii Ashaley’s electoral area, Honorable Steven Akrofi, noted that the community was fully aware of the project’s progress and eagerly anticipated the benefits it would bring.

Before the project commenced, the community engaged in consultations to understand the intentions of the stakeholders regarding the new facility. Botwe is a densely populated area without any healthcare facilities, and the CHIPS compound is the only option available. Therefore, the new clinic is a much-needed project that will cater to the community’s health needs. Honorable Akrofi acknowledged that health is a vital aspect of any thriving community, and this clinic provides an opportunity for Ashaley Botwe to thrive.

In conclusion, the construction of the new health facility in Ashaley Botwe is a welcome development that will enhance the quality of life for the community. The new clinic will provide crucial health services and education that will improve maternal healthcare and contribute to the well-being of the community as a whole.



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