The Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) in collaboration with the Centre for Local Governance Advocacy (CLGA) is undertaking a waste segregation project with emphasis on plastic waste.
The project, known as “Adentan Waste to Wages” (ADWAWA) seeks to reduce the volume of plastic waste that ends up at the municipality’s landfill site as well as combat unemployment among the youth in the municipality.
Speaking at the 1st ordinary meeting of AdMA for 2021, the Municipal Chief Executive of the Adentan Municipal Assembly, Mr. D.A Nii Noi Adumuah outlined 4 specific objectives of the Adentan Waste to Wages (ADWAWA) project as listed below;
1. Reduce Adentan plastic waste by collecting and recycling 50% of it by 2024
2. Engage 380 citizens from the Adentan to add value in the plastic value chain
3. Provide 300 litre bins for waste collection in the Adentan Municipality
4. Provide 10 plastic waste segregation and collection points for reuse and recycling in Adentan.
Statistics from the AdMA showed that more than 32,400m\t of waste is generated annually and out of this only 72% is collected while the remainder 28% mainly plastics remain in the system due to poor segregation of waste.

AdMA, CLGA collaborate to undertake waste segregation project

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