The inauguration ceremony of the 5th Assembly of the Adentan Municipal Assembly took place with great enthusiasm and participation on the Monday,12th of February,2024. The event marked the official start of the assembly’s term, and it was attended by various dignitaries and government representatives.

The ceremony began with the swearing-in of the assembly members. A total of 18 members took the oath of office, consisting of 12 elected assembly members and six government appointees. The members were sworn into office by the respected figure, Her Worship Nancy Adade, Circuit Court Judge at Adentan, who presided over the ceremony.

The presence of government representatives added significance to the occasion. Notable attendees included the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kweku Apram-Tum Sarpong, and the Minister of Public Enterprise, Honorable Joseph Cudjoe. Their attendance highlighted the government’s commitment to the Adentan Municipal Assembly and their support for its endeavors.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, the second session of the meeting commenced with the Electoral Commission overseeing the election of the Presiding Member. The Presiding Member plays a crucial role in the assembly, providing leadership and facilitating the smooth conduct of meetings. The election for the position of Presiding Member included two candidates: Honorable Samuel Yedu Sackey and Honorable Eric Tony Blair. Both candidates presented their visions and plans for the assembly, showcasing their capabilities and dedication to serving the Adentan community.

As the Electoral Commission supervised the election process, the assembly members were given the opportunity to cast their votes in a fair and transparent manner. The election was held twice but none of the candidates met the two-thirds votes of Assembly members as enshrine in the standing model orders of the Local Government Act.

Overall, the inauguration of the 5th Assembly of the Adentan Municipal Assembly was a momentous occasion, bringing together the elected assembly members, government representatives, Traditional Authorities and the community. With a fresh mandate and strong leadership, the assembly is poised to address the needs and aspirations of the people it serves.



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