In a bid to assess the long-term prospects for Ghana’s democracy and economic development within the context of credible elections, the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College has embarked on a study tour in the Adentan Municipal Assembly. This program is part of a larger six-regional tour with a specific focus on understanding the role of local governance in Ghana’s democratic system.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Adentan Municipal Assembly, Hon. Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, warmly welcomed the study tour. He provided the visiting team with a brief overview of the Adentan Municipal Assembly’s establishment, explaining how it was carved out of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly with Legislative Instruments L.I1888. The MCE also presented a concise profile of the municipality, highlighting its significance in the Greater Accra region.

Col. Michael Kwame Mfum, the lead officer and chief instructor of the Armed Forces Staff College, addressed the team, expressing the reasons behind selecting Adentan for this study tour. He acknowledged Adentan as one of the best districts within the Greater Accra area.

During the tour, the Municipal Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Gerrard Roberts shared insights into the electoral process and its reform in Ghana. He emphasized that significant changes were implemented in 1992 after a prolonged period of military rule. Mr. Roberts highlighted the importance of a comprehensive and unambiguous electoral legal framework, which provides citizens and political parties with clear knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, he explained that the introduction of biometric registration aimed to address issues such as multiple registrations and personation.

Overall, the study tour by the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College in the Adentan Municipal Assembly serves as an opportunity to analyze Ghana’s democratic progress and economic development. Through assessing the electoral system and understanding the local governance structure, participants hope to gain valuable insights into the nation’s future prospects.


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