On July 25, 2023 at Institute of Local Government, in a bid to enhance data-driven decision-making and promote effective development planning at the local level, the Human Resource and Development Planning Department organized a highly informative workshop on the District Development Data Platform (DDDP). The web-based entry platform, introduced by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, aims to revolutionize the way data is captured, monitored, and evaluated, ultimately leading to improved database management and enhanced service delivery.


The District Development Data Platform serves as a crucial tool that facilitates easy comparison of results across all districts, making it easier to track the progress of action plans. By leveraging the power of data, the platform empowers local authorities to monitor district performance and identify areas that require attention. The data captured through DDDP provides valuable insights to aid in evidence-based decision-making and policy formulation.

During the day-long orientation, facilitated by Wisdom, selected Head of Departments (HODs) of the Assembly were taken through various trackers that the DDDP offers. These trackers include:

  1. Registering District Department Tracker: This feature enables departments to register and update their respective information, fostering a more transparent and accountable system.
  2. Registering Capacity Building Needs Tracker: Identifying and addressing capacity-building requirements is essential for efficient service delivery. The platform allows departments to record their needs, paving the way for targeted skill development initiatives.
  3. Registering Meetings: Keeping track of meetings is crucial for maintaining organizational coherence. With this tracker, departments can easily schedule and record essential gatherings.
  4. Registering Annual Action Plan: The platform enables departments to outline and monitor their annual action plans, ensuring that developmental goals are achieved systematically.
  5. Registering Job Tracker: Efficient human resource management is vital for successful implementation. This tracker allows departments to manage job assignments, vacancies, and responsibilities effectively.
  6. Registering Projects and Program Tracker: Monitoring ongoing projects and programs is made hassle-free with this feature. It provides a comprehensive overview of the status of various initiatives, promoting timely execution.
    Just to mention a few.

Hon. Daniel Alexander Adumuah, the Municipal Chief Executive, graced the event with his presence and delivered insightful closing remarks. He emphasized the significance of the DDDP for Adentan and the larger district development landscape. The esteemed Chief Executive shared that this workshop was only the beginning and that much more could be achieved when the Assembly and its various departments fully embrace the potential of the platform.

He expressed the intention to collaborate with the Ministry of Local Government in creating a robust baseline data, which will serve as a foundation for the Assembly to build its unique and comprehensive database. This initiative will further empower the Assembly to tailor developmental strategies that align with their specific needs and aspirations.

Moreover, Hon. Daniel Alexander Adumuah urged the HODs to share the knowledge and insights gained from the workshop with their staff and other units within their departments. He emphasized that collective effort and cooperation among all stakeholders are crucial for the successful implementation of the DDDP and, ultimately, for the holistic development of Adentan Municipal Assembly.

The Municipal Chief Executive concluded by acknowledging that every district is unique, and while Adentan may face distinct challenges, they are fully capable of achieving progress and positively impacting their community. By actively updating and utilizing the information available on the DDDP, Adentan Municipal Assembly will contribute significantly to the nationwide District Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) regime.

The workshop served as an eye-opener for Adentan’s local authorities, paving the way for data-driven governance and fostering a culture of continuous development. With the powerful District Development Data Platform at their disposal, the future of Adentan looks promising, with a community working in harmony towards prosperity and sustainable growth.

The workshop organized by the Human Resource and Development Planning Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development marks a crucial step towards empowering local development through data-driven decision-making. As the district embraces this digital transformation, the people of Adentan can look forward to a brighter, more prosperous future, led by the power of accurate information and innovative planning.



Empowering Local Development: Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Conducts Workshop Training on District Development Data Platform

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