In a momentous gathering at the Assembly’s Conference room, esteemed alumni of the German Secretariat, DAAD convened with a singular purpose – to glean knowledge on the art of resolving conflicts and fostering a harmonious work environment. Hailing from diverse universities in Ghana, the students joined in as eager researchers, making this event an intellectual fusion of minds.


The session commenced with a solemn prayer, invoking a spirit of understanding and tranquility that perfectly set the tone for the discussions ahead. The delegates were keen to uncover the secrets behind the Assembly’s success in conflict resolution and peacekeeping at the workplace.

Honorable Daniel Alexander Adumuah, the MCE (Municipal Chief Executive), took the floor to share invaluable insights on conflict prevention. He emphasized the importance of three pillars – laws, procedures, and common sense – in thwarting conflicts and nurturing an atmosphere of peace and collaboration. The assembly, he revealed, boasts a dedicated committee known as the Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC), which efficiently addresses staff grievances, should they arise.

But the Assembly’s commitment to conflict resolution extends beyond its internal affairs. Residents who find themselves entangled in disputes with staff members can also turn to the PRCC for resolution. This thoughtful approach reflects the Assembly’s pledge to uphold justice and impartiality in all aspects of its functioning.

However, when confronting more severe external issues, the Assembly doesn’t shy away from involving the police to restore order and assess the core issues underlying the conflict. This judicious approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling the Assembly to effectively address the root causes and pave the way for lasting solutions.

During the interactive forum, participants enthusiastically posed a myriad of questions, one of which revolved around noise pollution emanating from churches. The MCE aptly responded, highlighting the importance of gathering evidence, particularly noise level recordings, that can be presented in a court of law. The Assembly’s Environmental Health unit, equipped to handle such matters, adheres to well-defined bye-laws that establish noise level limits for both daytime and nighttime activities. This ensures that the sanctity of peaceful coexistence is maintained for all residents.

The leader who spearheaded this dynamic team expressed profound gratitude to the MCE and his team, acknowledging the plethora of leadership qualities demonstrated during their short yet enlightening stay. Such appreciation reaffirms the Assembly’s commitment to fostering a nurturing environment that cultivates exceptional leadership and teamwork.

As the gathering drew to a close, the attendees departed with enriched minds, brimming with newfound knowledge on conflict resolution and inspired by the Assembly’s dedication to peace. This transformative experience will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on their academic

pursuits and future endeavors, fortifying their resolve to contribute positively to society and drive positive change.


DAAD Alumni Gain Insights on Conflict Resolution at Adentan Municipal Assembly

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