The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah said the Adentan Municipal Assembly is embarking on what he termed as “Small Space Farming in order to promote and grow agriculture.

He made this known in an interview with Radio Universe when he was asked about the ways and means the Municipal Assembly is helping to promote agriculture.

This according to him will help utilize the knowledge they have in the field of agriculture since most of the lands in the country are being occupied by roads and buildings.

“You do not need large spaces to do farming. You do not need 100 acres of land to be able to produce some of the things that we are looking at producing in terms of vegetables and other things”, he said.

In addition, Honorable Adumuah made mention that as part of their effort to grow agriculture in the little way possible, measures are being put in place to clear under the high tension along the Motorway since it has quite a number of space for vegetable farming.

He continued to explain that the evidence of their work progress can be seen from both sides of the Motorway through to Ashiaman as individuals are engaging in sweet pepper and onion farming over there.

Honorable Adumuah further stated that the main aim in promoting agriculture is to conscientize people’s mindset from the fact that agriculture is a dirty occupation and to bring to light the fact that one can engage in a neat and decent farming without having deal with cutlass and hoes.

“The thing is that we are trying to shift their mindset for them to realize that if you do not get a white color job, you can still do some agriculture which is still decent and looks nice. Is not cutlass and hoe, you can always upgrade to other levels”, he said.




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