Sutsurunaa (Mambas) has won the trophy for the maiden edition of the Adentan Municipal Basketball Championship at the basketball court in Adentan scoring 53:51 points over Koose (Tusk U-28) on Sunday 11th of December,2022


Sutsurunaa made it to the finals after beating Gbentanaa (Tusk D2) 59:56 in their first game to battle the trophy with Koose after they also clinched a win of 72:57 points against Nii Ashalley and made it to the finals on the first day of the championship.

Koose had a strong start at the beginning of the game and scored 6:5 points after the 1st quarter but could not maintain the lead in the second quarter of the game bringing Sutsurunaa back in the game with 22:15 points.

After the 3rd quarter, Sutsurunaa was still in the lead with 16:13 points. Koose tried a come -back in the 4th quarter by earning 17:10 points against Sutsurunaa but the total score of points could not win them the trophy. This brought Sutsurunaa to the 1st position and Koose 2nd.

On the other hand, Gbentanaa (Tusk D2) placed 3rd after scoring 87:68 points against Nii Ashalley (Echon) and placed them in the 4th position of the championship. This made Gbentanaa the highest scoring team in the 2days competition.


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