The Best Farmer of the year 2022, Mr. Frank Okyere Boateng has made a bold statement about farming being lucrative than even building properties for rent.

Mr. Frank Okyere Boateng who was adjudged the best farmer of the year at the 38th municipal farmer’s day celebration at the Adentan Municipality started in an interview that, farming is a very lucrative business than building properties to rent when he was advising people to venture into the farming business.

Mr. Boateng is an Agro Pond Farmer thus, fish farming, also cultivate Plantain, Cassava, Lettuce, Goat and Sheeps.

According to him, “Farming is very lucrative than even the properties we’re building on the land, because when you look at the amount of money you earn during the month, calculated by the rent you get out a month, trust me, despite they say rent is good, I prefer farming, farming is much better because the money I get through farming is more than the money I get from my rented properties’’.

He further stated that despite farming being lucrative and advising people to invest into it, there are challenges especially for starters which in the long run discourages the youth.

“The challenge for the starter is the huge capital you put in the feed and these things are getting more expensive, which discourages the youth from going into farming”, he said.


He added that, if Government can subsidize the feeds and equipment used in fish farming it will help more youth to venture into the farming business.


The Adentan Municipality best farmer also talked about his plans and what he has for the Adentan Municipality for the year ahead when asked what he has for them. He also revealed his intentions to partner the Municipality for a big project. A very big one because we’re going to build grasscutter caged targeting over thousand species of grasscutter in the Adentan Municipality and I would like to partner the Adentan Municipality to do a tilapia farming in those ponds that have been left all over”, he disclosed.


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