The Adentan Municipal Assembly has provided a safe haven for resident living along the two dams at Fulani, a suburb of the Adentan municipality to save lives and property from impending flood. This arrangement was made based on the recent overflow of the dams hence degrading the roads and destroying properties. This is as a result of a massive rain fall.

According to sources, the dams initially served as water reservoirs to excess water that flows down from higher grounds. Also, it served as source of water to cattle owned by individuals as well as the Animal Research Institute.

The base of the dam keeps widening and encroaching on the roads and houses. Considering the nature of the damages on the two main roads that joins Fulani last stop, Rufus and Regimanuel currently, an alternative route within the community has been graded to aid commuting.

Some residents in the community also stated that, the overflow around Fulani last stop started within a space of two to three years back after a building was constructed along the bank of the dam that hinders the initial flow pattern of excess water caused by rains from the dam. According to the Municipal NADMO Coordinator Mr. Humphrey Ankamah Sarpong, the Assembly has urged people staying in the stretch to vacate their respective homes to the safe haven when they see signs of rain fall. Also, structures erected on water ways would be demolished.

However, affected residents agreed to vacate their homes on the condition that, the assembly will provide a permanent solution to the issue of impending danger.

Furthermore, some persons showed much concern about the impact of the flood on their buildings. They insisted that a permanent solution should be provided immediately to save their homes and properties.



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