To be in preparedness for the rains and to avoid the flood, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has embarked on drains desilting and dredging to help channel the flow of water to its natural destination.

The basic reason for these special activities is to reduce the impact of flooding as well as be in preparedness for any heavy drains that may descend from the hills.

The Municipal Director of NADMO explained that the municipality is right beneath the hills and emphasized that, this has made the municipality vulnerable to flood since a large volume of water that descends from the Aburi mountains passes through the municipality and therefore, needs to prepare for such waters that would pass through to get a freed flow.

The Director of Operations at NADMO enumerated a few communities in which drains have been desilted and dredged, He named communities such as East Amrahia, Edlorm and lamb farm areas, which are prone to flood.

During the dredging exercise, an educational drive was also carried out to educate members in the communities around such areas to avoid building on waterways and near water bodies. The education also sensitized to partner with the Assembly in propagating the good news on flood prevention within the Adentan Municipality.

Extension of the public education and sensitization continued at other platforms such as churches, schools, markets and mosques within the municipality, to deepen the understanding of floods and its prevention within the municipality.


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