The Ghana Statistical service (GSS) will conduct the 2021 Population & Housing Census (PHC) from the 13th of June 2021. As part of preparatory activities towards this, The Adentan Municipal Assembly on May 28, 2021 launched the “30 DAYS TO CENSUS NIGHT”.
The essence of this official launch is to start a publicity to help create awareness on the upcoming census among members of Adentan municipality.
The Municipal Coordinating Director Mrs. Jemima Apedo Kallikrates in her welcome address stated the support of the Assembly for the exercise as the end data is critically needed by the Assembly for tracking progress and effective planning.
The District Census Officer, Ms. Emma Armah remarking on behalf of the Government Statistician, said that “the main goal of the census is to achieve complete coverage of all structures and persons in Ghana which details with leave no one behind agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals”
The Presiding member of the Assembly Mr. Joseph Odai Boye pledged the support of all Assembly Members towards a successful census. He further recounted the challenges that resulted in the undercounting of members of the municipality and promised that Assembly Members will assist in the sensitization of electorates towards a better exercise this year. Nii Adjetey Obour, the Chief of Amanfro, also pledged support on behalf of the traditional authority towards a successful exercise.
Other stakeholders who pledged support include the Minister of Resurrection Methodist Church on behalf of all Christian leaders, Imam of Gbentanaa mosque on behalf of Muslim leaders and the Center for Local Government Advocacy.
The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. D.A. Nii-Noi Adumuah, in his address encouraged all stakeholders present to play a role in the dissemination of census information. He referenced the 2010 undercounting that affected the Assembly and advised that all support for a successful one this year. “This launch is to help us acquire accurate data and help us measure the socio economic issues of the Assembly”, He added.
On another note, he admonished everyone to be conscious about cleanliness and as part of the measures, informed about a major clean up and planting of trees at flood prone areas and water bodies.
In his address, he also stated the dates for the listing of structures and census night dated June 13, 2021 and June 27, 2021 respectively.
A drama prerecorded on the census by the Frafraha SHS was played to the hearing of all, which elaborated on some of the questions which will be asked and how confidential information given out it will be.


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