The Social welfare unit of the Adentan Municipal Assembly together with some NGO’s and stakeholders held a meeting on child protection activities on December 18, 2020. In a presentation, Mr. Exorgbe A.K Divine the head of social welfare and community development stated that a total of 248 Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) beneficiaries have been registered onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). He further added that the unit is currently managing 542 child related issues of which 98 are disabled.

Various None Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) involved in ensuring child welfare within the municipality also briefed the gathering on the current state of children at their respective facilities and also made submissions in regards to child protection activities in the municipality. Rev. William Tetteh Deku of West African Medical Missions (WAMM) said their facility is currently housing 10 children with various health challenges, amongst them are four children living with HIV, an eight month old visually impaired Child, and 5 with other health issues.
Pastor Samuel Kloba of Safe Haven Homes also revealed that his organization has 15 children in their custody with one epileptic child. He however pointed out that for two years now, the child has shown no sign of epilepsy. He further noted that two of the children are in senior high school, six in junior high school and the rest at the basic level.
Mr. Abraham Kweku Danso a representative from the Christ Faith Foster Home revealed having 41 children under their care. Amongst them are tertiary, SHS and basic level students. Mr. Abraham said the organization fully funds all the basic needs of these children. However, he made mention that their main challenge had been medication.
The Sustainable Development Aliment’s representative, Mrs. Damaris Trudy Aduma, mentioned that their organization provides support to street children and literacy education to the children of head porters (kayeayei).
Community Development officer in person of Pancy- Patience Kuyiba in her presentation also revealed to the house some pressing and unhealthy activities ongoing and under investigation. These included prostitution, easy access to pornographic materials and drug trade.
The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mrs. Jemima Tsina Adepo, noted that she wished more women were at the hem of affairs at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) to handle rape issues, seeing that women mostly fall victim, hence understand the issue better. She further encouraged all child protection workers and advocates to keep up with their good works and go the extra mile to protect more children. She concluded by saying she believes adults are responsible for the safety of every child in society.
By: Christabel S. Quaye and Cassandra Wilson (ISD)


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