Biblionef Ghana, in partnership with the North Sea Lion Club Skiramere Slochteren in the Netherlands, presented books and educational resources to 15 kindergartens in the Adentan Municipality on Thursday, July 6, 2023. The donation ceremony took place at the Victory Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Adentan.

During the event, a total of 240 early-grade and phonic readers, along with various educational resources, were distributed to the participating schools. The objective behind this generous contribution was to enhance the reading habits of children, particularly focusing on kindergartners. The realization that many schools lacked an adequate supply of storybooks prompted this initiative.

Mrs. Patricia Arthur, Executive Director of Biblionef, delivered a speech at the event emphasizing the need for careful phonics instruction and the significance of this essential component for reading. She expressed concern that insufficient emphasis on phonics was hindering children’s reading progress as they advanced through different grade levels. The project aimed to rectify this issue and provide the necessary skills for improving reading abilities.

In an interview, Mrs. Patricia Arthur further elaborated on the project, mentioning that, the progress of the children would be closely monitored. The pilot project aimed to track how the intervention positively influenced the children’s reading skills as they progressed to higher stages.

Mrs. Gifty Mussey, the Municipal Director of Education in Adentan, expressed her gratitude to Biblionef for consistently supporting KG facilitators in Adentan through capacity-building workshops and book provisions for the learners. She believed that this initiative would greatly enhance teaching and learning at the early grade level, ensuring a bright future for Adentan and the entire country.

Mrs. Mamle Andrews, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, emphasized the criticality of early childhood education in the development of children, She stressed that, ‘this stage laid the foundation for their future success, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in life, the availability of appropriate educational resources at this stage was deemed crucial in securing a promising future’.

The donation of books and educational resources to the kindergartens in Adentan has been well received by the education community and is expected to have a positive impact on the children’s reading abilities and overall educational development.




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