The 60+ foundation in collaboration with the Adentan Municipal Assembly has organized a fun day full of activities to celebrate Father’s day with the elderly in the municipality on Sunday 18th June,2023.

This was fine as part of their mandates to entertain and keep the aged happy with series of activities such as health screening,manicure,pedicure and lots of food to mark the special day as they check their well being too.

In a short remark, the Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah highlighted some reasons why they are gathered and also urged the young generation to take good care of the aged so that they can also be taken care of when they get to that stage.

“If there is an elderly person in your house, treat them well because it is your future you are securing. If you take good care if them well, you children and siblings will also look after you in the future. It is true that they are aging but they can advice us so let’s listen to them through conversations and not shout at them”, he said.

On his part,the Chief Executive Officer for the 60+ foundation, Mr. Felix Osom Boafo made it know that the foundation was there to put a smile on the faces of the aged and called other non governmental organizations and everyone to come on board and help them in the little way they can go channel their love towards the elderly in the society.


“If you visit our social media pages, you will see the things that we have done so we need a lot of support cooperate Ghana,Vodaphone foundation,MTN foundation.All the top top companies in Ghana,we need support from them. Also individuals who think they can help are welcomed because we need a lot of partners to be able to reach a large number of people”, he said.

A Senior lecturer from the University of Ghana and Center for aging Studies and Social Welfare Department madam Akosua Agyemang applauded the foundation for the good work they are doing saying if one person can touch so many lives then joining hands together will create a huge impact in the lives of many elderly people in the community. She further asked for Support to help the foundation.

The occasion saw doctors from Ridge hospital who checked, the eye and prostrate of the elderly, NHIS officers to help register a number of them onto the scheme, a representative from the Mental Health Unit who touched on issues regarding mental health which are related to old age. This was later followed by eating and merry making to crown the day.


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