Adentan Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit recently carried out a comprehensive monitoring exercise during the second quarter of the year. The purpose of the exercise was to assess the progress of ongoing projects within the municipality and ensure they were being executed according to schedule and within the allocated budget. The monitoring exercise took place over a two-day period, from June 13th to June 14th, 2023, and involved a team of experienced professionals, selected Assembly members, and a municipal auditor.

One of the key sites visited by the monitoring team was a four-story semi-detached staff bungalow, which was reported to be 85% complete. The progress on this project was deemed satisfactory, and it was anticipated that it would be finished on time. Additionally, a reproductive health center in Ashalley Botwe was inspected and found to be 80% complete with no significant challenges reported.

However, at the two-story six-unit classroom block in Adjiringanor, the monitoring team observed that the construction was still ongoing and only 35% complete. Assembly members expressed concern over the slow progress of this project and urged the contractor to expedite the work in order to meet the agreed-upon timeline.

During the visit to the Sutsuruna Zonal Council project, it was discovered that the contractor had extended the building to a third floor. However, the progress on this floor was only at 5% completion. In light of this, the assembly member for the area proposed that a portion of the school park be cleared to construct a market, which would help relocate squatters from the road.

The monitoring team also visited other project sites, including the Fish for Development project (FIDEP), where landscaping and paving works were underway. At the AdMA Community School Classroom Block, the contractor reported that approximately 25% of the project had been completed.

Overall, the monitoring exercise proved successful in identifying any challenges and delays in the ongoing projects. It enabled the Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit to take necessary measures to ensure projects are completed within the stipulated timeframe and budget. Going forward, similar monitoring exercises will be conducted periodically to maintain accountability and oversight over all ongoing projects within the municipality.




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