Adentan, May 22, 2023 – The Works department of the Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) has successfully demolished 20 temporal and 4 permanent structures during the first quarter of this year. This initiative aims to decongest the area, alleviate residents from potential nuisances, create unobstructed pathways for water flow, and ensure that proper permits are obtained before erecting any kind of structure in the municipality.

The engineers at the Works department explained that the demolitions were necessary due to the improper placement of these structures. Some were found encroaching on reservations, while others were situated on dump sites, near high-tension lines, and obstructing waterways. Such placements not only pose risks to the safety of residents but also hinder the overall development and functionality of the municipality.

Residents of Adentan Municipality are strongly encouraged to obtain the required permits before constructing any structure, be it temporary, such as kiosks and containers, or permanent buildings. By doing so, they can prevent falling victim to future demolitions and ensure compliance with the regulations set forth by AdMA.

The clearance of these illegal structures marks a significant step towards creating a safer and more organized environment within the municipality. It allows for the free flow of traffic, improves sanitation, and mitigates potential hazards associated with unauthorized constructions. AdMA is committed to upholding the rule of law and maintaining a harmonious living space for all residents.

The demolition exercises were conducted in a well-coordinated manner, adhering to strict safety protocols and with the involvement of relevant authorities. The Works department collaborated closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure a smooth operation that prioritized the welfare of the community.

In light of these recent demolitions, Adentan Municipality is poised to experience a positive transformation. The removal of illegal structures opens up opportunities for urban planning, proper infrastructure development, and the establishment of legal businesses. It also paves the way for the construction of structures that adhere to safety standards and contribute to the growth of the municipality.

AdMA encourages residents to remain vigilant and report any instances of illegal construction to the appropriate authorities. By working together, the municipality can maintain a conducive environment that promotes sustainable growth and improves the quality of life for all its inhabitants.

For further information or inquiries regarding permits and construction guidelines, residents can contact the Adentan Municipal Assembly or visit their official website.


AdMA Clears 24 Illegal Temporal and Permanent Structures

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