The Adentan municipal assembly (AdMA) has held a workshop to train its Assembly members on HIV/AIDS and how to combat it to reduce stigmatization and discrimination.

Educating participants on the causes, prevention, and symptoms of HIV at a workshop held on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at the assembly’s conference room, Municipal Health Director of Adma, Dr. Jeffery Arhin stated that a person with broken immunity and a person with HIV is the same. He added: “Some sex workers are trained to be sitters and roamers to help in sensitizing another sex worker”

Ms. Gifty Torkornu, an HIV carrier for twenty (20) years who shared her testimony during the workshop indicated that HIV is not contagious and could be managed to reduce the viral level but was quick to add that infected persons should adhere to medication and medical advice increasing their life span.

Ms. Rita Afriyie of the Technical Support Unit of the Ghana Aids Commission stressed the need for persons living with HIV (PLHIV) to be given equal opportunity to showcase what they can do best and entreated stakeholders of the training workshop to grant PLHIV equal employment opportunities.

Mrs. Margaret Yamoah, the Communication Manager of the Ghana Aids Commission said that stigmatization and discrimination killed faster than the HIV virus and urged assembly members to convey the information across as well as educate people in their respective electoral areas on ways to curb the HIV/AIDS menace.



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