Personnel’s from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Adenta sub-station on the 26th of November 2021 engaged staff of the Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) in some basic emergency firefighting and safety procedures.

The exercise was held at the forecourt of the Municipal Assembly and was led by Sub Officer (SubO) Williams Kwesi Amedegbe, and Group 2 Officer (GOII) Jane Kpadu of the GNFS-safety department.

According to him, the objective of the Ghana National Fire Service is to manage, rescue, evacuate, prevent undesired fires, and train fire volunteers to be fire marshals.

The SubO Amedegbe, he gave a brief elution of the Ghana National Fire Service which he explained as a para military service, charged with a responsibility backed by a legislative instrument (L.I)

In the course of the training, he introduced the staff to the five (5) classes of fire’s and how best to fight them. In class A-Fires, he explained that combustible solids such as wood, paper, cotton, mattress and more, and can be quenched with water.

He further explained that, aside class A-Fires, other classes of fires should best be tackled with fire extinguishers. This is because, fighting them with just water may cause the fire to escalate, hence causing harm. Fires caused by combustible liquid such as turpentine, kerosene, petrol, cooking oil and paints are termed as Class B whiles Class C-Fires are caused by flammable gases. However, Class D-Fires are caused by combustible metals like aluminum and Electrical fires are termed Class E. In cases of class E fires, it is advisable to first turn off the main power supply to convert the fire to a class A-Fire which makes it easier to fight with water.

He advised that, fires begin very small, grows bigger and spreads faster and as such, first aid fire extinguishers are provided for homes and offices to help individuals in emergency situations. He also mentioned that fire extinguishers are used to suppress fires at initial stages before contacting the GNFS for assistance.

Moreover, fire outbreaks destroy a lot of properties because most individuals feel helpless when such incidents occur due to lack of knowledge and skills in using fire extinguishers.

SubO Amedegbe then took the staff of the municipal assembly through series of basic firefighting drills to equip the staff of the Assembly to fight any future fire.

Source, ISD



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