The Ghana Education Service in collaboration with Plan Ghana International has organized a ‘Back to school Campaign’ training program at the Frafraha community school. The Training Program was to engage various stakeholders of the education sector on the need to make schools safe and conducive for learning of children coming back to school. Some institutions and participants that took part in the training were Chrag, Nagrat, religious leaders, NCCE, CSOs amongst other people.

Mrs. Nancy Ansah a facilitator from Hope for Future Generations NGO and Mrs. Christiana Ayinroya the Regional Girls education officer from the Ghana Education Service explained in their presentation on the need for schools to have a Zero Tolerance to corporal punishment. They emphasized on the need for psychological support to be given to children with special needs since the long break can develop in various psychological needs for the children. It is also important to educate pupils on the proper ways of hand washing and wearing of nose masks and also counselling be offered to teachers and pupils when the need arises by counsellors.

The Adentan Municipal Education Director Mr. Aaron Adarkwah in an interview with the Adentan News mentioned that the purpose of the training and campaign is to share and orient some key messages with stakeholders on the safety of school children as well as train them as  ambassadors to ‘the back to school advocacy’ in their various institutions and communities.

He also assured parents and teachers not be weary of the safety protocols placed in schools. He added that the government and the Ministry of Education have put measures in place to ensure safety by ensuring periodic fumigation of schools, and provision of adequate PPE’s .Teachers have further been trained on the positive reinforcement strategies to handle children coming back to school and schools have also been mapped with medical facilities in case of any casualty or case of covid -19.

Mr. Aaron ended by encouraging teachers especially parents to educate their wards on the safety protocols given i.e.  How to wear nose masks, washing of hands properly and healthy eating habits since it’s a shared responsibility for all to be safe and healthy.



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