The Environmental Health department is responsible for providing strategic and administrative leadership for the management of policies and programs relating to Environmental Sanitation. As part of the department’s responsibility, it provides advice for the formulation and review of policies and programs on Environmental Sanitation, develop technical standards and specification for Environmental Sanitation service delivery.



The Department manages the day-to-day administration and controls all activities for the smooth functioning of the division. In order to ensure effective and efficient management of sanitation within the Municipal, the department coordinates the application of engineering techniques and concepts in the solution of Waste Management problems.

Environmental Health Unit also liaises with agencies in addressing complex sanitation problems requiring inter-sectoral collaboration as well as lead the quality assurance process for Environmental Sanitation.

In the execution of its mandate, the department initiates and coordinate research and lead the dissemination of results in the Environmental Sanitation field. It also vets building plans and specifications of various types of licensed establishments, for compliance with Environmental Sanitation rules and regulations.

Environmental Health