The European Union in partnership with a delegation of the Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) and Center for Local Governance Advocacy (CLGA) has launched the waste to wages project to combat unemployment among the youth in the municipality. This project, funded by the European Union is a four-year strategy aimed at contributing towards sustainable systems of waste collection, disposal and management.
The project which involves refining and reusing waste products into useful products, would create employment avenues for the youth, women and persons living with disabilities in the Adentan municipality
“The key objective is to contribute towards promoting the development of a circular environmental management of waste, provide employment and income opportunities and to promote behavioral change and public participation in reducing, reusing and recycling waste worldwide and the key target groups are women, youth, persons with disabilities and school children” said Madam Diana Acconcia, the Ambassador of the European Union.
Statistics from the AdMA showed that more than 32,400m\t of waste is generated annually and out of this only 72% is collected while the 28% are mainly plastics remain in the system and this is as a result of poor segregation of waste. This project will highlight the education on the stages of waste management; generation, collection, segregation and treatment to reduce waste.
The Municipal Chief Executive of AdMA, Mr. D.A Nii Noi Adumuah added that, waste management is not the only problem in the Adentan Municipality but the world at large and the fact that everyone has a role to play in this project and with the right attitudinal change, the current should will be improved. He also encouraged participants not only to look at the filthy part of waste but the lucrative aspect. He then commended EU and advised the participants to work hard and cooperate to help curb waste issues.
Photographed by Alhassan Abdul Rafik.
Story by Fedora Larmie.


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