The 60+ Foundation, in partnership with the Adentan Municipal Assembly, launched a project campaign called “Age with a Smile” on Sunday, April 30, 2023. The project aims to bring hope and support to the elderly and other members of the community who are approaching retirement or are no longer in active service.

The founder and president of the 60+ Foundation, Mr. Felix Osum Boafo, revealed that the foundation plans to build Care Centers in all regional capitals of the country to cater to the health needs of the elderly. The Adentan Municipal Assembly will be given the honor of having the first Care Center, as it is the foundation’s home-based district.

In his statement, Mr. Boafo added, “Just to elaborate a little on the Care Center, plans are far advanced as we prepare to construct this facility in some major cities of the country. But since Adentan Municipal area is our home-based constituency, this facility will be constructed first and foremost in this Municipal area. We are calling on all partners who can collaborate with us to make life interesting and enjoyable for our elderly.”

The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, also expressed his support for the project. He mentioned that the assembly is collaborating with the University of Ghana and the Center for Aging Studies to make life easier for the elderly in the municipality. He further explained that Adentan is home to a significant number of aging individuals, and it is the assembly’s duty to ensure their well-being.

“It is only in Adentan that you can get a good number of people, whether they are international civil servants or government service people. When you go to any particular place in Adentan, you are likely to get people who we say are aging. We are collaborating with the University of Ghana and the Center for Aging Studies as part of the areas for them to do their studies and work so the Assembly can also benefit from the elderly,” said Hon. Adumuah.

The ceremony concluded with testimonies from beneficiaries and solidarity messages from partner groups. The launch of the “Age with a Smile” project has generated a lot of interest and support from the community, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of the elderly in Adentan and beyond.






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