The Birth and Deaths Registry of the Adentan Municipal Assembly on Friday 9th September 2022, Sensitization on Death registration at Umar Bun Abdul Aziz mosque at Japan motors, Ashaley Botwe in the Adentan Municipal Assembly. The sensitization was organized for the Muslim community to educate them on the need to register Deaths of their relatives because death registration is so low among the Muslim community. The Regional Registration Officer, Mr Abdul Kadir Umar Giwah said, death registration is needed for social economic Development, which helps government plan better for its citizens. He added, my people do not like to report their dead relatives because most of them die in the house, and once someone dies at home you need a police report before you can secure a death certificate”. He said there is the need to report deaths in our homes early to acquire the Death certificate, once you report death early within 10days its free but after that it comes at a cost. The Adentan Municipal Registrar of Births and Deaths Mr. Ludwig Mawuli Agbezuhlor said the office Death Registration in the municipal said “the Muslim communities do not like to report, some also after months or years after a person’s deaths because they need to claim some properties when it happens like that it costs you more, because you will need 4 different affidavits that is Lawyers letter to prove that your relative died at the stated time”. The officer said the Assembly the intends to invite all the Imams within the Adentan municipality on the need to reports deaths early. Ustaz Issah, the Imam of the Umar Bun Abdul Aziz Mosque said, they are I grateful to the Adentan municipal for education given and that the message would be spread for the community to report death within the zongo communities and beyond.


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