The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Ebenezer Doku has urged Ghanaians to persist in their efforts towards more responsible, transparent, and inclusive governance, emphasizing the crucial role of civic engagement in shaping the nation’s democratic landscape.

Hon. Ebenezer Doku, made this clarion call when delivering an address during the 67th Independence Day celebration held at Adentan Community Basic School Park in the Gbentaana Electoral Area of the municipality. This year’s theme, “Our Democracy, Our Pride”, was highlighted throughout the festivities reminding the citizenry of the importance of democracy and unity in the nation.

Ghana’s Independence Day is celebrated annually on 6th March to honor the country’s heroes who led it to freedom from British colonial rule in 1957. Osagyefo Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah, the first Prime Minister, declared Ghana’s independence on this day, making it the first sub-Saharan African country to achieve freedom from European colonialism. It is a national holiday for all Ghanaians, both at home and in the diaspora.

In his address, Mr. Ebenezer Doku acknowledged the democratic accomplishments of the country, emphasizing the need to recognize the ongoing collective work towards a better future. He called on citizens to actively fight for the democratic principles that define their identity, promoting responsible governance.

Highlighting the continuous journey towards a more perfect union, he stressed the importance of sustained efforts in achieving responsible, transparent, and inclusive governance.

“In the spirit of this 67th Independence Day, let us also recognize the importance of civic engagement. As a country, we have been allowed to voice our dreams and goals, file complaints, criticize government, exercise franchise and take part in course of determining our country. Thanks to Democratic institutions. In recognition of our democratic accomplishments, let us acknowledge that we are still working to create a better union.

We have to keep on fighting for the democratic principles that made us who we are. We have to keep working towards more responsible, transparent and inclusive governance,” stated Hon. Ebenezer Doku.

The Municipal Chief Executive further encouraged Ghanaians to reaffirm their commitment to democratic principles, fostering a pursuit of a more equitable and prosperous society for all and future generations.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our democracy is our pride but it is also our responsibility. It is a responsibility that demands active engagement, thoughtful participation and a commitment towards a greater goal. Let us reaffirm our decisions to the democratic principles that guide us and let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of a more just equitable and prosperous society for all and future generations.” Added Hon. Ebenezer Doku.

As an election year, Mr. Ebenezer Doku also used the platform and emphasized the importance of upholding democracy and peaceful conduct as Ghana prepared for the upcoming general elections in December. He reminded the public that democracy should always be accompanied by peace and unity for the country to progress.

The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive’s impassioned call resonated with the crowd, inspiring a renewed sense of civic duty among the attendees on this significant day of celebration and reflection.

The gathering was graced by notable figures including Hon. Ebenezer Doku, the Municipal Chief Executive, Madam Rachael Fosua Sarpong, the Municipal Coordinating Director, and Madam Gifty Mussey, the Municipal Education Director. Chief Superintendent Lawyer Richard Agyepong Boateng, the Divisional Police Commander, and Hon. Mahamud Ya-Adzagey, Assembly member for the Otano Electoral Area and Presiding Member for the Adentan Municipal Assembly were also in attendance in addition to other assembly members and traditional rulers.



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