In the spirit of the festive season, the Adentan Municipal Assembly, under the leadership of the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah demonstrated their goodwill and gratitude towards the Traditional Authorities within the municipality. As a gesture of appreciation and to commemorate Christmas and the upcoming new year, the assembly distributed food items to all the local chiefs and traditional leaders within the recognized communities within the municipality.



The distribution, which was led by the Municipal Information Officer, Nii Adotey Saka was primarily consisted of bags of rice and bottles of vegetable oil, which are staple food items that hold significant cultural and dietary value in the community. The Adentan Municipal Assembly aimed to ensure that the traditional authorities and their families could enjoy a festive meal during the Christmas season, bringing joy and warmth to their homes.

The gesture of distributing food items to the Traditional Authorities not only served as a mark of respect and appreciation but also symbolized the assembly’s commitment to fostering unity and strong relationships with the local leadership. It highlighted the assembly’s recognition of the vital role these authorities play in the overall development and governance of the municipality.

The event was met with immense gratitude and appreciation from the Traditional Authorities, who expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Adentan Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Chief for their thoughtful gesture. The food distribution contributed to creating a sense of camaraderie and goodwill among the various stakeholders within the municipality, fostering a spirit of unity and togetherness during the festive period.

Furthermore, this act of benevolence exemplified the assembly’s dedication to the well-being of the community and its commitment to promoting a harmonious and prosperous environment for all residents. By extending warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year through the distribution of food items, the Adentan Municipal Assembly demonstrated its active involvement in the local community and its sincere desire to contribute to the happiness and success of its constituents.




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