The Adentan Municipal Assembly, in collaboration with the Ghana Highways Authority, is embarking on a transformative journey to enhance transportation infrastructure and foster economic development through the dualization of the 22km Adentan-Dodowa road. Residents were engaged in a series of community sessions, urging their cooperation in voluntarily removing temporary structures to facilitate the smooth progression of the project.

Engineer Laryea Odai, the resolute Director of the Greater Accra Highways Authority, passionately conveyed the imperative need for structure removal to pave the way for the imminent start of construction. The experienced engineer emphasized the anticipated benefits, including a substantial reduction in travel time and the establishment of robust traffic management systems to alleviate the notorious congestion in the area.

“The dualization of the Adentan-Dodowa road is a crucial infrastructure development project aiming to transform transportation in this region. Clearing temporary structures is vital for the construction team to initiate work promptly,” stressed Engineer Odai. “Our goal is to bring resilience to traffic congestion, leading to enhanced productivity, improved quality of life for residents, and greater economic opportunities for the community,” he added. Hon. Nii-Noi Adumuah, the visionary Municipal Chief Executive leading this crucial project, implored the community to heed the information provided. He highlighted the profound impact on the local economy and encouraged support for the initiative.

“Our aim is not only to enhance transportation infrastructure but also to attract more businesses to our area,” stated the Municipal Chief Executive. “By paving the way for this transformative project, we are creating an environment that will facilitate economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and improve the overall well-being of our residents,” he asserted enthusiastically.

Meanwhile the Municipal Works Engineer of Adentan, Engineer Maxwell Abu-Boateng disclosed to Adentan News that, about 1000 Temporary structures need to pave way for the construction work to start. He asserted that, work will start immediately on areas where such structure where not available for clearing processes.

The Adentan-Dodowa road dualization project is a significant milestone poised to revolutionize transportation efficiency and boost socioeconomic development. The collaborative efforts of the Adentan Municipal Assembly and the Ghana Highways Authority underscore their unwavering commitment to infrastructure development in the municipality and the nation as a whole.

Communities affected, including Fafraha, Ashiyie, Amanfro, and Amrahia, all their traditional houses which are affected have pledged to be relocated and constructed. Additionally, the deadline for structure removal has been extended to January 23, 2024. The affected communities, supported by their chiefs and residents, are appealing for compensation to facilitate a smooth relocation process.




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