On January 4th, 2024, AdMA conducted a physical inspection of a mushroom cannery machine and its components at a 1D1F (One District, One Factory) facility in Amanfrom Adentan Municipality. This inspection was carried out in collaboration with the Rural Enterprise Program. The equipment for the factory was provided by Bajaj Process Pack Limited, a renowned producer of such machinery. The factory setup aimed to produce two types of mushroom products: dry mushrooms and canned mushrooms. A total of ten machines were installed in the factory, and the inspection was led by Mr. Sanu, the lead engineer from Bajaj Process Pack Limited, along with Mr. Ram Chandar and Mr. Mohan.

During the inspection, Mr. Kofi Anderson, a representative of Bajaj Process Pack Limited in Ghana, provided detailed information about each of the ten machines and their respective functions. These machines included the Mushroom Washer, which was used to remove impurities from the raw mushrooms through a washing process. The mushroom Slicer was responsible for slicing the mushrooms into smaller pieces. The dehydration dryer was used to dry the mushrooms after they had been washed and cut. The Mushrooms Blancher had two compartments, one for steaming the mushrooms and another for cooling them after steaming. The Brian Preparation Unit was used to prepare the brine solution, consisting of salt and acid, which would be used to preserve the mushrooms in the cans. The Can Sterilizer Machine was responsible for sterilizing the cans before they were filled with the sliced mushrooms and brine solution. The Can Exhaust Machine was primarily used to discharge air from the cans before sealing. The Can Seamer Machine was used to seal the lid of the can to the body. The Sterilization Equipment was employed to sterilize the sealed cans containing the mushrooms. Lastly, the Can Printer Conveyor was used to convey design details, such as the manufacturing date and expiration date, onto the body of the can.


Mr. Nana Bengin Brown Addo, the coordinator for the Rural Enterprise Program, addressed the delay in commissioning the factory and assured that it would be operational soon. He also mentioned that the management of the factory would initially be entrusted to a private entity for a period of five years, after which it would be handed over to the stakeholders for continued operation. This approach aims to ensure the sustainability and success of the factory in meeting its objectives.

The inspection conducted by AdMA was led by the Assembly’s Internal Auditor, Mr Rahma, and his team provided valuable insights into the mushroom cannery machine and its setup at the facility.

Bajaj Process Pack Limited, the producer of the equipment, ensured the installation of ten machines capable of efficiently producing dry and canned mushroom products. The factory’s management, initially under a private entity for five years, will eventually be transferred to the stakeholders to ensure its long-term success.




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