The Adentan Municipal Assembly, in collaboration with the Urban Roads Department, has launched an extensive dredging project to clear and maintain various drains within the municipality. This concerted effort aims to ensure a smooth flow of water during the rainy season, ultimately averting potential flooding in flood-prone areas.


Recognizing the significance of proactive measures, the Adentan Municipal Assembly has prioritized the dredging of several notable drains. Among them are the Saint Peter School drain, the Prison junction drain, and the Agawe drain. By

focusing on these key drainage systems, officials aim to enhance the overall capacity of the municipality’s drainage infrastructure and mitigate the risks of flooding.

st. peters storm drain

With an estimate of approximately 800 kilometers of drains in need of dredging, the Urban Roads Engineer has emphasized the importance of adhering to engineering best practices. This meticulous approach ensures the durability and longevity of the project, guaranteeing efficient water drainage for years to come.

By undertaking this massive dredging exercise, the Adentan Municipality demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding the welfare and safety of its residents. The project’s initiation reflects the municipality’s proactive stance

towards climate resilience and disaster management.

St. Peters storm drain

Commenting on the project, the Municipal Chief Executive of Adentan, Hon. Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah said, “Our priority is to enhance the drainage systems within the municipality, as this directly impacts the well-being of our citizens. Flooding has historically been a concern during the rainy seasons, and by dredging key storm and earth drains, we aim to prevent potential disasters and ensure the comfort and security of our residents.”

st.peters storm drain

The dredging project is expected to be completed within a   week. The Adentan Municipal Assembly has also pledged to effectively monitor and maintain the drainage systems to uphold their functionality and effectiveness.

Residents and commuters are advised to exercise caution and cooperate with ongoing construction efforts during this period. The Adentan Municipal Assembly requests their understanding and patience, as these dredging operations be conducted to safeguard their best interests.

Agawe Earth Drain

As the municipality focuses on its long-term infrastructure development plans, this dredging initiative serves as a testament to its commitment to modernizing its drainage systems. The success of this project will not only enhance public safety but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the Adentan Municipality.





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