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The people of Adentan are mainly famers who cultivated variety of crops and reared cattle. The name Adentan was derived from a Metal Mesh (locally known as DADEI NTANN) which was used to cover weapons during the 1831 war between the Gas and Ashantis. The local people come from La, Nungua and Teshie respectively

Some towns in the Municipality are:-

Adijiriganor: It got its name from the first settler on the then piece of land. The man was known as Adijri

Ashiyie: It is believed that the first building found on that land was of good shape and form, the local people then praised the owner in the local language (osiyie) meaning BUILT WELL. The name has now been modified to Ashiyie

Frafraha: Originally known as FAFAHA is a local language used in directing herdsmen. 

  • Otano
  • Amrahia
  • Amanfrom
  • Sraha
  • Ogbojo
  • Nmai Djorn


In the beginning Tema and Accra were one District but that was too large an area to be governed. Accra was divided into Accra District and Ga Rural. Tema became a Municipal with Adenta under it. Due to population increase, as well so many developments Adenta was made a Municipality in February 2008. The steady increase in population can be attributed to the fact that Adenta serves as a dormitory town for most people who have migrated from all over the country to seek employment in the industries and government institutions.


The vision of Adenta Municipal Assembly is to create a modernized, harmonious, environmentally friendly and economically viable municipality delivering people-centered services with education.


The Adentan Municipal Assembly exists to facilitate the improvement of quality of life of the people within the Assembly’s jurisdiction through equitable provision of services for the total development of the Municipality within the context of Good Governance.