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National Youth Authority


Throughout the world today, the youth are recognised as an important human resource with the potential to contribute to significantly to national development.  Efforts at enhancing the overall development of young people are therefore considered an important part of our national development agenda.


The National Youth Authority (NYA) which was established in 1974 by NRDC 241 is a Statutory Public Organization with the mandate to ensure the empowerment of the Ghanaian Youth and it is under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The National Youth Authority envisions to become a unique public sector, youth development service delivery organization, responsive to the empowerment needs of the Ghanaian Youth and ensuring their access to national development investment opportunities.

We exist to provide relevant and conducive environment that defines and supports the implementation of effective frontline youth empowerment practices, focusing on youth people’s participation in socio-economic and political development whilst facilitating private and third sector provider investments in youth empowerment.


  • National Youth Authority (NYA) exist to facilitate the mobilization and organization of the youth for community development.
  • NYA also provides leadership training, organise business consultancy and counselling services for the youth
  • Encourage the development of a healthy and disciplined youth imbued with the spirit of nationalism and moral uprightness.