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City Guards Unit


  1. Traffic Warden
  2. Providing Security


The Unit’s mandate is to ensure that all Pedestrians which includes School Children and Vehicles use the approved route within the Municipality. Also traders are not allowed on pavements purposely made for pedestrians. There should be free flow for pedestrians.

In between 6:45am – 8: 30 am in the morning and 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm in the afternoon, there is School Children crossing and traffic direction duties performed within the prescribe areas within the Municipality

The Unit also performs road check duties which begins from April to December each year, these routines includes checking of Assembly’s commercial permits, stickers and embossments also all commercial cargo trucks like (Tippers, Kia, Pick-Up, Motor King, Trotro and many more) vehicles without the above mentioned stickers from the Assembly are seen as defaulters, so they are arrested and the Unit ensures the offenders pay a fine and pay for the said sticker in addition.

Furthermore the Unit provides Security to the Revenue Mobilization, Works Department, Environmental Health Department, Audit, Nadmo, and many more who need our Services.

Besides the unit gives Security to MCE and MCD and also perform guard’s duties at public and national functions.


The Unit provides these Services both Internal and External thus within the Assembly premises and public as well.