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Breast and Cervical cancers are preventable


A Reproductive Health worker at Ridge general hospital, Mrs. Doris Adjei has advised women to make it a habit of going for regular check-ups at the hospital so that symptoms of cancers can be detected at early stages before they grow to cause more damage. 

Speaking to the staff of the Adentan Municipal Assembly on breast and cervical cancers, she said that recent studies have shown that the high fatality rate of cancer in our part of the world is as a result of ignorance on the parts of the victims.

“In Ghana, everything is spiritualized instead of seeking medical attention. So research showed that the reason why some common cancers are killing us is because of ignorance. Early detection of cancer can help minimise the fatality rate in the country” She revealed.

"When the cancer is detected early, we can do something about it but when it is detected at the later stage then it becomes very difficult to treat."  She warned.

On cervical cancer, she stated that avoidance of risky lifestyles and vaccination can help prevention. Some of the risk factors that can make an individual susceptible to cervical cancer include sex at an early stage, multiple sexual partners, smoking, infection with HPV and HIV virus, hereditary, insertion of herbs into the vagina and frequent exposure to STIs.

She also advised ladies to learn how to self-examine their breasts and watch out for changes in the sizes and shapes of their breast as well as lamps. This can help early detection and early medical intervention.