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Basketball Feature


Basketball, a game which was not as popular as football in Ghana is gradually gaining grounds in the hearts of the youth in Ghana. Some children who are lucky to have access to basketball facilities in their schools and communities have generated some level of interest in the game. This growing interest has inspired some community tournaments, interschool competitions from Junior High Schools to  tertiary institutions with sponsorship from big corporations like Coca-Cola Ghana.

Adentan News takes a look at how the game is developing among pupils of the Fafraha Community Day Senior High School through the inspiration of their coach Michael Akomea.

Michael, a basketball fanatic himself upon arriving at the community school as a national service personnel observed that the school didn't have any basketball team to compete in any interschool championship.

"Looking at the school itself I realised that they didn't have what it takes to play basketball. They didn't even have a court. The interest of the school also wasn't there" he recounted.

According to Michael, he first went to have a conversation with the physical Education (PE) instructor about his intention of developing the game in the school and was given the green light. He further explained that putting the team together was very difficult since the team was made up of amateurs. "I had to teach them how to pass, and control the ball and also teach them the rules of the game”.

Michael's first challenge was to prepare the team to compete in the high school championship within just three month. Even though the team never won a game, he was very proud of them and what they did on the field. “They did exactly what I told them and they played very well for first timers and I'm very confident that next time they will be very ready."

Speaking to the Captain of the boys’ team and his assistant, Kelvin and Sasu, they both expressed gratitude to their coach for training them to play good basketball.  According to Kelvin, he wasn't too happy when he realised that the school didn't have a basketball team because he had always wanted to play basketball in high school.


"I became very excited when coach told us about this basketball team and joined. I knew how to play because there was a court in my neighbourhood so I used to play. But I didn't really understand the rules." He said.

Female captain and her assistant, Gifty and Augustina also expressed excitement about the team and were also very happy that the coach is also helping the female team to play the game better.

"I always wanted to play basketball. My aunty introduced me to the game and I developed interest in it.  Lebron James is my role model."  Gifty told Adentan news.

Gradually the Fafraha Community Senior High School seems to be gaining grounds in basketball game and with the help of their coach, the school will take the region by storm in the next championship.